Thanks to our cooperation with the statutory auditor, Ms Marianna Krudowska, registered in the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors (Krajowa Lista Biegłych Rewidentów) under the number 6447/2236, we offer services in the examination of financial reports.

In our work we do not restrict ourselves exclusively to correctly performing examinations and issuing opinions. We also attach much importance to giving our clients advice about improving the organisation of their companies, which helps raise effectiveness of operations. We also give advice on problems connected with balance-sheet law. Furthermore, we draw attention to weaknesses of the internal control structure and propose ways to improve it.

Apart from analysing financial statements we also offer the following:

  • preparing financial reports
  • reviewing financial reports
  • preparing consolidated packages
  • analysing consolidated packages
  • training in Polish and international accounting principles
  • valuing companies
  • analysing financial reports in connection with liquidation
  • analysing solvency
  • analysing regularity of expenditure
  • analysing internal control system
  • consulting on balance-sheet law
  • consulting on organisation of the accounting system